Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

God has given me four of the greatest men to call fathers, and an amazing husband who is a fantastic Dada.

I am thankful that even though Grandpa Spinolo left us all too soon, one day, we will get to catch up on all the time we didn't get to spend together. He was a hardworking man who raised one of the greatest men I know and I am thankful for the memories of him that I have.

I am thankful for the rare blessing of having a grandfather who is healthy and nearby. If it is broke, he can fix it. He has the glue, the know how and all the little hand-made gadgets to get the job done. Papa is never short on conversation, thoughtfulness, hugs or compliments and I am so grateful that Leilani will get to know her great-Papa.

My father in law is one of the strongest men I know. His good humor and strong faith even in the midst of hard times is inspiring. He loved and accepted me from the very beginning of Ryan and I being an "us." Blew me away. He raised the love of my life and I could not think of anyone who would make a better Thatha for Leilani.

Daddy was always one of my biggest cheerleaders. His support and affirmation have always made me feel loved, appreciated, smart beautiful and capable. Knowing that he is just a phone call away, just up the road and knows about everything has always made me feel safe. His thoughtfulness ensures that ants do not eat my house, that I am never locked out of my house or car for long, that my tires will always be full and that I never have to worry about any question for too long; he knows or can find the answer. He is one of my biggest heroes and one of my biggest blessings. He also is a terrific Grandpa!

And Ryan. It has been so much fun watching him be a Dada. He is so gleeful and enthusiastic and his patience is humbling. He is not afraid to go the extra mile when it takes longer than normal to get a cranky baby to bed. He is willing to chase Lei around with a spoon to make sure she eats, isn't phased by carrying her all afternoon when she won't stay in the stroller, and will do whatever funny face/voice/dance it takes to help her feel better or just to get her to smile. I can look at the daunting "terrible twos" (and threes and teen years and ect) with confidence knowing that he will be right there with me to talk me down from the ledge of Crazymomlady and help me chase down whatever little feet start running away. I love you Ryan!

Happy Father's Day

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