Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lil Sis is all growed up!

My little sister Abi graduated highschool last Monday! Two years ago it was my brother, and now its her. Seriously crazy to watch your younger siblings grow up. I think in my brain they are forever cemented into the "just kids" category, but days like today remind me that I am not the only one racing along towards achieving senior citizen discounts. I am so proud of you Abigail! 

We were all homeschooled from way back in kindergarten, but once 7th grade rolled around, we started attending Cedar Brook Academy on Thursdays. A couple hundred other kids, drama class, biology, madrigals, composition and Shakespeare awaited us once a week, while homework and friendships followed us through the other 6 days. It has been crazy to watch people you were in study hall with grow up and get married, and then to go to graduation and watch their siblings grow up too.

She had never heard that many people clapping at once before. She was thrilled.

She did it! And that smile says it all.

I am not in contact with many of my highschool friends anymore, but thanks to facebook, these are two of the lovlies that I am! Kait on the right comes over a few times a month to have dinner and watch movies, and her sister Jenn and I have stalked eachother online since our graduation in 06.

Obviously, we have matured so much since those highschool days.

The two most adorable amazing individuals I know.

Three down mom, four more to go!


Be still my heart. SHE IS TOO YOUNG! Stop growing up.

It was a lovely evening, and a blast to the past while still weirding me out because it felt like a blast to the future. Congratulations Abi and the CBA Class of 2011!

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  1. These are great! I laughed at the comments pertaining to our facebook-stalking relationship and "photo-shoot". Awesome. I'm glad we've retained our friendship post graduation:)


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