Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Excuses Excuses.

I have an excuse for my long slacking inability to blog. I am forever lamenting my various and sundry computer/camera issues, but about a month or so ago, they got worse.

Long story short, two of our 3 old laptops finally bit the dust and my newish one was the only one that worked. I go to up the road to my mom's every day to visit the younger siblings and let Leilani play, and one day, I decided to bring my laptop.

My arms were unusually full, and because I am awesome, I was determined as always to bring everything in one trip. Loaded the car, buckled in the baby and took off. It was a nice day. Breezy, sunny and warm. Got half way to my mom's (about 5 minutes down the road) and heard a weird scraping on the roof of my car, but it was just a momentary thing and I forgot about it. Then about 30 seconds later I saw in my rear-view mirror, a black thing flying through the air. In a sickening 5 seconds I went from, "Oh that's weird, wonder what that is," to "Oh dear goodness, I LEFT THE LAPTOP ON THE ROOF OF THE CAR." I managed to turn around in about a minute and get back to where it was laying, just in time to watch a landscaping truck run over it. I felt like I had been slapped in the face with my stupid absent mindedness. I gathered up the battery and the smooshed box and got in back in the car. And cried. Yep. A full out soppy mess of "oh my gosh I just ruined our lives, Ryan is going to be so upset with me, I have just added stress to my already stressed hubby and omghowcanwesurvivewithouttheinternet?"

My dad discovered that the hard drive was salvageable, my mom loaned me the siblings' homework laptop and Ryan was amazingly calm and simply said "oh dear" when I texted him about it, and "It is just a computer" when he got home. Traumatic day, amazing people.

Then vacations happened, and now that I am home for the rest of the summer with a loaner laptop and downloaded pictures, I should be fine right? Yeah. Yesterday, I accidentally downloaded spyware and the laptop is riddled with disease.

Tip: Windows 7 Fix is NOT a program already on your computer, it is a virus. When it asks you if you are ready to do a checkup on your hard drive, do not say yes.

One day all these issues will be in the past and we will chuckle over my terrifically intelligent blunders, but until then, blogging will be sparse, social networking with happen randomly and my life will shudder to a halting stop suddenly gain so much free time.

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