Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Catching Up, starting with Easter. Thats right, Easter.

So it is now June, and I have at long last downloaded a camera full of pictures. Time to catch up on saving those memories, starting with Easter. Wow, I am behind.

Getting ready to head to Easter lunch!

The Easter Bunny

Egg hunting!

Cousins are wonderful.

Thatha and Grandma!

Telling Thatha a story.

She loves her Thatha!

Standing solo, a new skill back in April!

So proud of herself.

Giggling with her cousin


Flying waaay up high!

I never want to forget these toes.

Last Easter, she slept for most of the festivities. This year, she ate biryani, was the Easter Bunny, hunted eggs, practiced standing, and laughed with her cousins. This little lady is growing up much too fast.

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