Thursday, June 9, 2011

Catching up with the month of May

May sure flew by fast. So did the first week of June. Wow, it is June? 2011 is flying by fast. Here is the past several weeks in pictures.

She looks so grown up in her long pants.

Getting ready for bathtime.


Exploring the azalea gardens at Brighton Dam!

With her aunts. Hannabanana on the Left and her "chithi" Esther on the right.

Cheezin with some friends. They get married this month!


We lurve eechutha.

Pigtails and jeans.

Peekaboo at the playground

Reading at the dinner table.

Still can't believe that she is a walker!

Tent making!

She was rather unimpressed with the final result. She liked whooshing with the blankets better.

She never liked her carseat till she outgrew it and we brought it inside. Then it became her favorite reading chair!


Piano playing

Wow, all of my plants looked so alive and pretty before I put them in pots and they wilted or died...

Loving all the ducks at the lake near Grandma and Thatha!

Bathtimes sometimes revolve around just trying to keep her happy and in the tub. That means she gets to play with whatever she can reach on the counters.

Yes. That is a banana in the tub with her. She got to eat it before she got out.

Bliss is warm, sunny mornings on the porch with a happy, curious baby. She is so delicious.

We went to Greenwell State Park for Memorial Day this year. We got engaged Memorial Day 2008 and got married in Greenwell on Flag Day 2010! We are so patriotic and didn't even try.

She loved the sand, but would have loved it more if Mommy had of been more prepared. Swim suit, a towel and some juice would have been much funner.

She loves digging with her new shovel.

Unflattering? Quite. Hillarious? Yes. Best picture of the trip.

Discovering horses for the first time.


Part of the joy of summer is getting wet. My parents were filling up their little pool when we stopped by and Leilani had a blast. It is so great to be little in the summer. Watermelon, sunshine, pools and popsicles here we come!


  1. Seriously, I love your blog. I love the pictures, I love your hilarious comments, I just love everything. It's great. :)

  2. Aw thanks guys! You are my favorite two followers. Also, you are my only two followers. :)


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