Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother's Day

We woke up nice and late on Mother's Day and headed off to breakfast. But I was determined to get some adorable Mommy/Daughter photos first. Leilani was determined not to participate in that plan. Enter the turning away, fussing, face making and squirming. Moments captured forever.

Fake smile

Wishing she could chase squirrels instead

Face making

SHE LOOKED AND SMILED! And Mommy missed it. Of course.

Hungry for breakfast, eating lip balm and refusing to look at the camera.

Aww, accidental matching faces!


The only picture where both of us are looking in the same direction and smiling. 

We ate, we lazed about, bought a bird feeder, and had Chipotle and did nothing productive. Best way to spend Mother's Day!

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  1. pictures of you and leilani are always great! : )


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