Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Stream of Leilani

Leilani, you are just 4 days from turning 11 months. Eleven. ELEVEN months. How on earth is this possible? You are a rambunctious speed crawling little lady who rarely seems to slow down. As your Dada and I like to frequently remind you, we remember when you couldn't track things with your eyes like it was yesterday. I am so worried that I am going to miss something as you race onwards to independence. I don't want to forget any of your little details that make being your Mama a delight.

I love how you have an obsession with putting lids on things. I was so proud of you the first time you leaned over and tried to stick the top on your bottle. Where did you learn that? Amazing.

I love how you get all tangled up in your pajamas, but still try to determinedly crawl through the house even with both legs stuffed down one side or with one foot poking out through the snaps. 

I am so excited that you finally learned how to say Mama! You learned how to say Dada first, and then Thatha, but it was worth the wait. It makes me get all teary that you greet me in the mornings with a huge smile and an enthusiastic "Mamamama!" Oh man. You know who I am. 

I love how excited you get to see your aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. I can't get over how you learned how to wave and say "HI!" and this week, you even are working on "Byebyebye!" You are communicating with words. Incredible.

I love how you growl at random things for random reasons. How sometimes when you get frusterated you will growl and whatever you are playing with, or when you see a stuffed animal that you like, you growl as you chew on their face. So funny.

Your fascination with anything electronic is at once funny, and really frustrating. Laptops, remotes, cameras, anything with cords or plugs, you love it all. Cell phones are your favorite and you can't handle it if I won't share. Its amazing how whatever the device is, you can manage to find the power/clear/delete button without even looking.

Why I don't blog that often. 

 Laundry is your version of playing in the leaves. You delight in pulling piece by piece out of the dryer or basket, or scattering freshly folded piles all over the floor.

I love your camera face too!

I love your excited giggle-chuckle that you do right before you nurse. Cuddling with you is one of my favorite things.

When you go to sleep, you tuck your arms and legs underneath you with your ankles crossed. I love it how when you are really tired, you snuggle this way too.

You have started doing this crawl/fall over on the first soft object you see thing when you are sleepy. You also often get really drowsy when Dada gives you your bath, and stare at your bubbles as your head lolls around. Your happy, sleepy self is the coziest thing ever.

There are so many things that make you you, and I love them all.


  1. Love the new look of your blog. Very nice! Leilani is such a sweetie pie! Kids grow up so fast. Before you know it, she will be engaged. Ask me how I know. :-)

  2. seriously, that outfit. i want to steal it from your child. is that mean?

    they do grow up so fast. glad you are writing it all down!


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