Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Static Cling, Be Gone!

Lei has a delicious, soft fluffy pile of fleece pajamas that I am jealous of. Some snap, some zip, but all are easy and comfy and warm. Her room gets chilly at night during the winter, and these are the obvious go-to for bed time, through the morning and nap... (Does that make me lazy?) Love them. But sometime around December, she started having problems. She would wake up crying every hour two days in a row and keep fussing until I had resorted to everything but changing her pjs. The second night, I noticed a bunch of little sparks of light and I felt the static myself. Once the cotton pajamas were on, she was fine. Thus began the epic battle against the static that was snapping at my baby in her sleep.

I tried the dryer sheets. Did you know that they work by melting their waxy coating onto your clothes as they tumble, thus reducing the static causing friction? Neither did I. Apparently, it wasnt working on a dryer full of fleecy pjs in the middle of dry? winter. I just said thus twice in two paragraphs and it is bothering me immensely, but naptime is short, so I will ignore my distress and move on quickly.

I tried the hang dry method, which felt like it worked, until she started rolling around at night. Then I gave up and let her wear her safe cotton pajamas, which are fine, but not as warm and not as snuggly. This week I decided enough was enough and that it was time to conquer this problem. I miss my fleecy covered baby, and winter is starting to melt. 

I decided to try every method I could find in 3 minutes of searching online. Committed eh? I lowered the heat setting on my dryer to "delicate" and put in 2 dryer sheets. When there was about 20 minutes left of the 50ish minute setting, I threw in a damp washcloth to help lessen the dry, hot air that helps static form. And since my dryer is awesome, when the cycle was over, sure enough, things were still damp and needed some more time. So I left in all the cotton, but pulled out the slightly dampish fleece, and air dried the rest of the way. After bathtime, I lotioned Leilani up, and then also made sure to pat down her pajamas with extra lotiony hands, to cut back on whatever was there, and hopefully prevent static from forming. 

No idea what of that was the key, but she slept warm, fuzzy, and static free! Whoohoo! 

So yes. The moral of this epistle: When static comes to play, dry your pajamas as damply as you can, air dry, and rub it down (with an amount that makes sense) with your baby lotion before sticking your lotioned baby in. Yes, it is worth it. 

Gosh. I am long winded. But this was an epic battle. And I won.

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