Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Beauty of Cardboard Boxes

Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite comic. Probably still is if I had to pick a favorite. They always had the best box, and they knew how to use it. Calvin knew how to play. He knew what dirt and sticks and boxes were for. He knew how to imagine entire worlds within the space of his backyard and he was never lacking something to do. (We will ignore all of the trouble he got into and his disregard for manners and authority.)

When I was younger, I loved boxes. The siblings and neighbors did too, and we were always on the lookout for the right one. (We were also always on the lookout for the best sticks too, but that is another story.) There is so much that you can do with a box. They can be houses, time machines, secret caves, clubs, hideouts... The possibilities were endless. But the problem was getting a box big enough to fit inside. It wasn't every day that someone got a new fridge or something. So mostly we would lament the lack of big boxes and look for clubhouses in barns, sheds or in the woods. 

I want to make sure that Leilani learns how to play. In a day where kids spend most of their time staring at a glowing screen with only their fingers moving, I want her to know how to imagine. I want her to be thrilled with how great her latest stick/box is. I want her to spend hours outside chasing leaves and squirrels and playing in the dirt. I want her to revel in being little. Innocence and childhood fade all too quickly. I want to make sure that she has lots of exciting afternoons and long, fun summers to look back on.

 Her diapers came today in a huge box. Well, huge in comparison with her.

Let the fun times begin!

She thought it was pretty cool, but I am not sure that she appreciated it enough.
One day these will be awesome.

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