Monday, November 29, 2010

Similarities Between Myself and My Baby, and God and I: Part 1

These are in no particular order, most are self explanatory, but others I explain anyways. Also, 3 blog posts in one day? Kuh Ray Zee.

1: Just like I keep scraping that one spoonful off her chin and back into her mouth, over and over, God will keep at that one thing He wants me to know until I swallow. Scrape, smoosh in, repeat.
2: Somehow, what is supposed to go into her mouth, ends up everywhere else. On her forehead, on the floor, in her ear.. it takes multiple tries to keep it in her mouth where it is supposed to go. Similarly, I often take what the Lord tries to teach me, and will spit it back out, drop it, smoosh it, get distracted by something else entirely or accidentally step on it when I need to swallow it.
3: Even though I am just on the other side of the couch, she will become upset because she can't see me. She is safe, and I am with her, but still she is worried. Just because I don't necessarily feel Him, He is still there, watching me, keeping me safe.
‎4: The vacuum is a scary thing when on the floor by yourself. But when in Mommy's arms, the fear is gone. You can poke at the scary thing, try to eat it, ignore it... All because Mommy has you.
5: She can wake up all night long, and I will still go to pick her up to comfort her and put her back to sleep. God never puts me down when I cry. He keeps right on picking me up and comforting all my fears.
‎6: It drives her crazy when I wipe and clean her runny nose when she is sick. She gets all upset and can not understand that I am helping her. Often, what God is using to help me, feels like the wrong thing. I need to remember that He knows better than I do.
‎7: She feels that she must have miscommunicated her wants when I change her in the middle of the night instead of feeding her. So she cries harder trying to get me to stop wiping her with a cold wipe and start comforting her. She hasn't miscommunicated at all, I just know what she really needs at that time.
‎8: What looks like a totally awesome, shiny new plaything is actually a sharp dangerous object. She cries when I take it away from her. Again, God knows best and I need to not object when He clearly says "No."
‎9: She wants to read the same book over and over, from different angles, in different orders. Then, she eats it. I need to have the same interest and desire for His book.
10: I can wipe her off, change her clothes, give her a fresh diaper, even give her a bath to get her clean. But somehow, she is scruffy, in need of a change and dirty again in under 5 minutes, to be cleaned. Again. She is not consistently appreciative. No matter how recently the previous cleaning session was, God never fails to keep on changing and refreshing me. I need to learn to appreciate it every time.

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