Monday, November 29, 2010

A Christmas Without the Gifts?

"Christmas time is here! Happiness and cheer!" Aaaaand shopping. Crowded malls. Traffic. And long tired days running all over doing the stuff we "have" to for Christmas. Debates over who "has" to get a gift and who can slide without hurting feelings. Budgeting. Debt. The end? $450 Billion A YEAR. Thats right. Billion.

Sickening isn't it? We the people could solve world hunger. End water related disease and death. Just by taking our Christmas shopping money and putting it where it matters. We could give life instead of that giftcard or pair of obnoxious socks. We could change our world.

Want to give more this year? Here are two ideas:

In 2007, I got to go visit this orphanage in Ambo, Ethiopia. What I saw forever changed my life. I met these children, held their hands, sang praises to God with them, gave out stickers, colored pictures, played ball, and blew bubbles. I left a piece of my heart back there, and began to understand my world better. I invite you to take the time to visit their website and become involved.


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