Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Grooooowing, we do it every day!"

"We are growing when we're sleeping, and even when we play! And when we grow a little bigger, we can do more things because we're growing..." and that's all of the song that I can remember. I have never heard the original, I have no idea where it is from, but my husband manages to get it stuck in my head regularly.

She is growing. She will be EIGHT MONTHS ON SATURDAY. Holy moley. I have zero understanding of how that is possible. She learned how to wave and clap earlier this month. I was so proud. I also cried. I am not going to handle this well.

She looks so old. I think it must be the hairdoo.

Last week we went to Memphis, TN to visit all of the Greats on my dad's side. Leilani got to meet her Great-Great-Grandma (who we have always called "Great" cause she is) and spend time with both (woah) Great-Grandmas, her Great-Grandpa and her Great Uncle. (And her plethora of aunts and uncles and my parents too. Also, my grandma's poodle who does not love Lei as much as Lei loves him.)

Great squared, Great Grandma (my dad's mom), moi, Lei, the original Leilani (mom's mom) and grammy (my mom)! Incredible.

Also, Graceland.

I have never been exposed to such decor in my life. Kelly Green shag carpet... on the ceiling? And then this room:

70s, I am glad that you have passed.

We had a great trip, but after Williamsburg a week before, I have decided to become an official homebody for a while. Like a cat lady. But without the cats. And probably not that reclusive. But more reclusive than I normally would be otherwise. It is good to be home. Best part about it? My fluffy flannel sheets, my own fridge, and naptime.

Gosh. 8 months. Leilani, I am so in love with you it is crazy.

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