Saturday, December 17, 2011


My grandma from Tennessee came for a visit this month. During her stay, most of my family went to Colonial Williamsburg for a week. We got to join them for a few days. I have never been during the Christmas season, and it was so much fun to look at all the decorations. 


 Hannah, Esther and Ryan looking for cows with Leilani

Eli, my Mom, Dad, Grandma and Abi

Having fun with the zooooom in the King's Gardens

The hedge maze in the King's Garden is pretty cool. All of the siblings, Leilani and Ryan were in there somewhere...

 Elijah, Esther and Hannah

... and Leilani!

After we kept running into these oxen throughout the day, Leilani started exclaiming "MY COWS!" Whenever she saw them. They were her favorite part of the whole trip.

These people got really creative with their decorating and stuck red or green apples in all of the niches in their wall.

At a decoration presentation that we attended, they told us that there was a special team who went through all the houses early in the morning, to replace any fruit that had been eaten by squirrels or poked at by curious people. There were hundreds of wreaths, that is no small task!

Any time of year, Colonial Williamsburg is fun, but I particularly enjoyed getting to see it in all its festive finery!

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