Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scarfament Swap

So way back on November first, (yes I am THAT behind) Danielle over at Take Heart hosted a totally awesome Scarfament Swap. What is this you ask? Basically, lots of us scarf and ornament lovin ladies signed up, got paired with a new friend, and swapped a scarf and an ornament. We had a 20 dolla budget to either buy or make something swappable. I saw this, got all excited, and emailed Danielle right away... 8 days late. Yep. I was 8 days behind in my blog reading. (Why must I always be behind in something?) Danielle was sweet enough to partner up with me herself! I must say that I was quite excited. She is such a fun, happy person. I really enjoy following her online as she loves the Lord, and is mommy to two (soon to be three and then four!) little darlings.

Her favorite colors were mustard and grey. A few days later, I was out at H&M and found something that seemed like it was just the thing, and a few days after that, I finished making her ornament. They needed to arrive by December first, and in my little procrastinator's rush, I sent them off without taking a picture, so check those out here.

My package arrived first, and I was so excited with what I found inside.

I was so tickled with her choices. The little owls ornaments were just darling, and my new infinity scarf is so comfy! They both became instant Christmas favorites. Thank you Danielle for hosting this awesome giveaway, and for being my partner!

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  1. yay! you are adorable :) so glad we were partners!! merry christmas, my friend!


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