Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mike and Becca's Wedding

On the 26th of June, two good friends of ours got married! It was such a fun day, Ryan and Leilani and I all got to participate in the wedding. Ryan and I were in the wedding party and Leilani was the cutest flower girl ever. She wore a dress that one of my little flower girls wore at my wedding, two years ago!

Leilani stayed with my dad in the morning while Ryan and I came early to help set up. She was such a trooper and did fantastic without me all day long. It was quite nerve wracking. She is so much more grown up than I give her credit for.

 It was such a bright and sunny day. Warm, but just perfect!

My mom helped her walk down the long part, but once they got to the seats, Leilani walked down with the ring bearer all by herself! I could not see most of it, but all the "Awwws" from everyone let me know she was doing terrific. I was so proud of my little flower!

She went straight to Dada!  And then she got to hang out with Grammy and Grandpa for the rest of the ceremony. Big girl! 



I was quick to get out of my heels right after dinner, and Leilani was happy to be comfy too! Mike and Becca are avid swing dancers, so the reception was all about big band music, and dancing the night away! Twas a lovely day, and it was such a delight to get to celebrate with our friends on their big day. 

(Following three pics by Aron Crews)

Praying right before the big moment!

Congratulations Mike and Becca!


  1. What a gorgeous family you have! Lovely wedding too!

  2. The bride looks gorgeous! I am in love with the photographs. Kindly tell me who is the photographer. My wedding is also by the end of this year in one of the finest venues in Chicago and I am looking for a good photographer for that. It’s a lovely post!


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