Monday, January 17, 2011

The Weekend and MLK Day

 She looked adorable for church on Saturday. I actually had her in a dress (a comfy corduroy one) and tights (bleh) that she promptly got a hole in. By naptime she had managed to destroy the tights and the dress was off, and Mommy, thinking ahead, forgot to bring her a change of clothes. So she spent the rest of the day in her shirt and diaper. She likes running around in her underwear a little too much I think.
 She had no tights/pants to wear home that night from Grammie's house, and it was freezing out. So we found a pair of pajama pants, tightened up the waist band, and made genie pants for her out of them. She thought it was totally hysterical.

 See? Genie pants. Hey, they kept her warm.

 Ryan was off for MLK Day, so we went down to DC to check out the Natural History Museum. We decided to take Aunt Abi, or "Abelina" as she is called. Fun/cranky times ensued as naptime failed.

 We love eachother. And big stone people. And I LOVE my Baby Ergo carrier.

 THAT is a Walrus. I had zero clue that they were that humongous. That does not look spelled right, but Firefox is not saying it is wrong... so there it stays. It was humongous.

 And this giraffe was awkward. And I found the whole dead animal thing depressing.

 This is why we came. "The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef." Hyperbolic and crochet in the same sentence cracked me up. But it was pretty amazing. Lots, and lots of work. This is also why we took Abi, since she is a knitter/crocheter person.

 And Ryan snapped this while we were changing a diaper in the public (shudder) restroom. I have no idea what it was in referance to, but yeah. I am famous.

After seeing emeralds of enormous sizes on display (And the Hope Diamond which was anticlimactic) I decided I really didn't actually like their color. Then I saw these. I decided I really liked their color and that they were what an emerald should look like.

And that was our long weekend. I have a whole rant to do on how awful I found the overwhelming p.c. and evolution element to be, but I will save that for tomorrow, and Leilani is in bed early and it is high time I was in bed early too.

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