Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Wintery Mix, I hate you.

Ok. So hate is a strong word. I probably should say something like, "Dear Snow, I have strong feelings of vehemence and wrath towards you right now." But quite frankly, at this time of night, after an afternoon/evening like this, I feel hate fits my current state of mind.

A predicted inch was supposed to sprinkle down this morning, with an additional 2-3 inches coming after 4:00 in the afternoon. I woke up to an inch of slushy ice that stuck to everything and then started melting in the rain. Then another half inch of ice managed to accumulate somehow, and Ryan called to say the office was closing 2 hours early. "YAY!" I think I said, imagining him getting home early and having a nice snowy evening by the fire. Instead of getting to leave at 2:30 as he was supposed to, Ryan was kept till 3:30 and didn't get on the bus till 4:00, right as sleet started showering from the sky. Then, after 2 inches had fallen in 15 minutes (no joke) its started snowing. At about 6 I called to check with him to see how soon he would be home, and he sarcastically told me that he hoped to be home by 9 at the rate traffic was flowing. Then 8 hit, and he told me jokingly that he would see me tomorrow. Traffic was moving as fast as a parking lot, detours had to be made and there were no alternative methods of transportation that could bring him home faster.

It is now midnight. He has hours to go. He has already been on the bus for 8 hours with no food. Snow, I hate have very strong feelings of vehemence and anger towards you right now. He is trapped on the road with thousands of other commuters, wishing that they had never gotten out of bed this morning. I feel just as trapped, wishing there was anything I could do do get him home. I feel anxious, upset and exhausted... which has caused me to ponder. Despite this terrible feeling situation, we are so blessed and I, for one, am taking all of the things surrounding this day for granted.

I am so thankful that my husband is safe and warm and that he did not have to drive in this. I am thankful that he is healthy. I am thankful that he has a job that he went to this morning. I am thankful that there is a bus driver that is doing their level best to finish their route. I am thankful that I have a husband to miss. I am thankful that he has a home to come home to. I am thankful that he will have food to eat. I am thankful that there are a lot of people praying for him. I am thankful for the friends that offered to hike 4 miles to where his bus was, to try and bring him back to their home for the night. I am thankful that we live in a state where weather like this is rare. I am thankful that my baby finally fell asleep at 11:45. I am thankful that I have a couch to sit on while I wait for him. I am thankful for my dad who texted me from Tennessee to say that he was praying and that he is not going to sleep until Ryan gets home and I do. I am thankful, thankful, thankful to have a husband, and that God is keeping him safe!

I am back in the "I am not a fan of winter. At. All." camp, and I can not wait till spring. But while I listen to snow laden branches break outside in the slush and cold, I will be thankful for my blessings.

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