Monday, January 10, 2011

I am a bad Blogger.

Oh look. It is January the Tenth in the year Two Thousand and Eleven. And I have not yet recorded how we spent our New Years. I am off to a bad start this year. My excuse is that we have computer issues. Somehow, my laptop (the one with the memory) won't read our camera anymore and has decided it is incapable of downloading any photos. Ryan's laptop (the old one with years and years of photos) has little to no space left. This caused us to spend money that we would have preferred not to, to get an external hard-drive. And we had to format it to work on an Apple. And it didn't work. SO all of the after Christmas pictures are still on the memory card. And I feel weird about writing about things I have pictures for, cause I don't want to bore my adoring fans with lines and lines of text and blather without anything to add visual interest. Or interest at all. I can not imagine how dull it would be to just read lines and lines of ramble with no point to them, without even a picture to relieve the monotony. ...

But, in the spirit of unprocrastination, I shall record the beginning of our year, before I forget everything and add pictures later.

Last year for New Years Eve, Ryan and I were on our babymoon. We started out in Raleigh, NC before heading to Atlanta, then Florida, then back up to Savannah, Georgia. The plan was to spend New Years downtown and watch their annual acorn drop. But after all day in the car, the prego lady was ready to hit the sack early. We tried to catch it on TV, but the aforementioned prego lady had the remote and we accidentally spent the countdown watching about a minute of some random black and white movie. A really exciting part where a woman was pulling a bottle of milk out of the refrigerator. Oops. Our last New Years without children and before mind numbing sleep deprivation was spent missing the festivities and the lights were out before 12:10. Bummer.

This year, we spent Friday afternoon at the National Aquarium. We go for Leilani... She loves it there... Ok and so do I. The mind blowing wonder of God's creation makes me feel like I am 5 years old all over again. Totally incredible. When we got home, Ryan made a beautiful fire and I cooked one of our favorite dinners, chicken alfredo. Seriously delish. And easy. Bedime was scheduled for 9:30 and the thought of missing 2 and a half hours of sleep to watch the apple drop in Times Square online just didn't seem worth it.

So we brought in our New Year with the Brazillians. At 10 seconds to 9, we had our fancy glasses filled up with sparkling cider, and Lei had a bottle full of apple juice and we had our countdown. We toasted and smooched and gave thanks... and got bedtime rolling. I think we will do this every year. Cept next time I want to try and bring in 2012 with India. That way by mid afternoon, all the pressure is off.

It was a great plan. But somehow we didn't get into bed and finish devotions till 11 anyways. Ryan was promptly asleep at 11:03 but I managed to stare at the ceiling till 11:30. 11:40 my sister in law texts me "HAPPY NEW YEAR ALMOST" and wakes me right back up. 20 minutes later, I am just drifting off thinking "gosh I hope it doesn't get noisy here at midnight" and then everything outside seemed to explode. The neighborhood across the street had fireworks (I thought those were illegal in MD?) and there were firecrackers and cheering and whoops and honking and general chaos for 15-20 minutes. Thankfully, the baby (and Ryan) slept through it all. I was rather bummed about the whole being awake thing till I decided not to be. Amazing how great things can be when you decide to make them that way. I watched a few fireworks and spent the rest of the time praying and being thankful for 2010. Turned out to be really nice...

The end.

Happy 2011 Everyone.

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