Monday, July 23, 2012

What is working these days?

I don't think that mothers/wives/women spend enough time celebrating and finding peace in the things that are working in life. We spend so much time bemoaning our failures in wifehood/motherhood/this-is-my-life-hood, that we lose sight of the Grace that covers us in so many other areas of our lives. I am probably the best example of this. I stress so much over what needs work in my heart, how far my marriage needs to grow, how often I fail as a mother, that I every day miss the good, the grace, and the right that God has blessed me with.

So I want to start this week off on a different foot. I want to give thanks for some of the things that are really working in my life right now. Not that any of this is because of anything good or skilled on my part mind you. I am a screw up. But my Jesus is a mighty kind Savior and He makes things good.

Memphis is working.

 We are home here. In only two months, the Lord has radically changed our lives, and poured out His grace over our hearts. We have made the adjustment in unbelievable time. Completely unexpected, and such a blessing. The Lord has allowed us to be fully present here, and while we miss so much from Maryland and while our hearts truly miss our families, we are not discontent. He has brought us here, and so far, we love it.

Running is working.

Wait, what? Yes. I run jogwalk now. This may shock many of you to your core, and you may be questioning your reality. I feel the same way,  but somehow, I am actually getting up in the 6 o'clock hour three days a week, to pursue physical exertion. And it is working. God wakes me up, right on time, and gives me the strength to sweat it out for two miles of jog/walk alternations. Thanks to some excellent purple swirly Mizunos gifted to me by my terrific sister Abi, I am working towards a goal of running a 5K (what the what?). There is one coming up in December that MTR participates in every year, but I am hoping to be ready for one at the end of August. Lord willin and the creek don't rise, I shall be consistent and make it happen. Waking up before Leilani every day, and running three of those mornings, is working.

Doodles are working.

Several times a week, I pick up a pen, and a doodle happens. Being intentional with the artsy stuff that makes me happy has never been a strong suit of mine. Frequency was usually prevented by a lack of motivation or inspiration or both. But lately, the pens come out every few days, I have also gotten out my glue gun several times, AND tried my hand at acrylic paint-by-numbering. I am creating with frequency, I craftish here and there, Leilani gets out some fingerpaint sometimes... And it is working. I am so thankful for every attempted and/or completed project. So excited by every finished dot and line. So happy to be pursuing colors and lines in odd spare moments. All creativity comes from the Lord, and I am so thankful for it. Being crafty more often is working.

Moments in the Mommyhood are working.

While I still have so much growing to do, I am so thankful to be at a place where I can see the growing that has already occured. I praise the Lord for the love and patience that He is nurturing, and for the little insights He is providing. Oh goodness, I am so far from perfect. I fail every five minutes at least, if not outwardly, in my heart for sure. But I am so excited to see that patience comes a little easier, that my spirit is checked a little faster, and that my love is (slowly!) becoming a little more selfless. Watching the Lord challenge and change my heart is as painful as it is exciting, and He is faithful to do both. His gardening in my character is working.

*wow writing that down and acknowledging it is so encouraging. i just got teary.*

Playtime is sometimes working.

She pitches the biggest fits over sharing almost anything. They don't really see eye to eye, (metaphorically and physically) and the mediating of most playtimes boarders on stressful. But I am watching my daughter learn how to be a friend, and it is good. Every time she decides to share, every friendly exclamation and pleasant interaction is a victory. She is progressing through a difficult, and very important stage in her development, and I am really proud. The Lord is working in her heart too. What a blessing!

She is sleeping easier and with consistent uninterrupted nights, she is eager to try potty training, she is so affectionate and cheery, and her vocabulary is incredible. Leilani is a fabulous little girl, and I am so thankful to be her Mama.

That is a whole lot of good, a whole lot of positive, a whole lot of Grace. God is so good, and He is working in my life!

Now it is your turn. Step on that ho-hum and discouragement and find where God is giving you grace everyday. Ask Him to give you the eyes to see Him.

Be of good cheer! Be excited and encouraged.  

HE is working.

What is working in YOUR life these days?


  1. Great post! It's wonderful to hear about all the good things and grace happening :)

    1. Thanks Megan! It was so encouraging to write, felt like some of these things became gifts for the first time once I sat down and realized that they were there!

  2. love this post...maybe i'll work on my own little list


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