Monday, December 13, 2010

Leilani Lessons 11 and 12

Lesson 11: Lei sobbed it out hard for naptime today. But I was there, holding her hand and singing her songs the whole time. She was so loved, and so safe, but she needed to go through it to learn to sleep. We go through seemingly unending periods of grief, hardship or suffering, but God is so lovingly shaping us, and holding our hands the whole time. Like it hurt me, it hurts God to watch His children suffer, but it is His deep love for us that causes Him to allow it to happen. And in the end, we rest.

12: Lei hates her car seat and will struggle the moment she is put in and frequently cry till the moment she is taken out. She wants to stop the trip and get out every few minutes. She just doesn't know that the uncomfortable ride is taking her on a (short in actuality) journey to where she really wants to be. The journey is the only way to the destination that she wants to arrive at so badly.


  1. that naughty baby! ha...i frequently think that this is how God sees us sometimes--we are so stubborn, but what he wants for us is for our own good!

  2. These are beautiful lessons, Ruth. Thank you SO much for sharing them with us!


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