Monday, March 19, 2012

Still Waiting.

The 22nd of this month marks half a year since we began this Great Adventure. Six long months. There have been several "Is this it God? Is this The Next Step?" and more than a few raised hopes, and excited "What ifs?" There have been several "guaranteed" or highly probable jobs, interviews that have gone well and opportunities that "fit perfectly and made so much sense." But the Next Step was always "Wait on Me. I am planning your story. Wait, and I will provide." And He has. He has really had our backs, and He is not letting us take a step in any direction but the one He has planned for us. It is quite amazing, really.

It seems like this should be one of the most stressful and anxious times in our lives, but in reality, it hasn't been. The Lord has been so faithful and has never left our side, and although it seems like absolutely nothing is happening, we have so much evidence that something is. "No" is still an answer to prayer, and even though it may not seem like a next step, it is. So often I keep looking for the "Yes, this is it! Move forward!" as the "next Step," but "No, this is not the plan. Sit still." is what we keep hearing. "No" is an answer, "Stay where you are," is still progress in His plan. Every day brings us one step farther down His path, even if it seems like we are going nowhere fast. So we wait.

"Waiting on the Lord" is not supposed to be a passive thing. All throughout the Psalms, we see examples of active waiting, looking ahead with confidence, searching for the Father, seeking His will. Never does God say "sit around and do nothing," but always "Seek Me. Search and you will find." So we are trying to wait that way.

We get a lot of "So what about Colorado?" questions (I ask this question frequently myself) and nothing has changed there other than our understanding of God's timing. We are confident that the Lord told us that He is going to bring us to Colorado, and it sure felt like He was moving rapidly in that direction. But oh, how His timing is not ours. One day (soon or far,) He will bring us there, but before then, we could spend (many?) years in other places along the way. We do not know, and we can not see that far ahead. So we wait, knowing something of the future, but not a single thing about the journey in between.

We are currently looking at a really exciting opportunity, one that gets us more excited than any before it. If in a few weeks the Lord is still telling us to wait, we will be disappointed, but still confident. His plan is perfect, and we would choose no other. I admit that I am ready to take a step, ready to see where the Lord will stick us, but until then, we wait!

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