Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Next Step

To briefly summarize:

The Wait is over, and the Next Step has been given. The Lord has shown us where to put our feet next, and we are so grateful.

We have waited for what feels like a very long time. In an attempt to make himself available to whatever opportunity the Lord had for us, Ryan has applied for dozens of jobs. We have prayed and waited, and looked down any road that we came across, asking "Is this the one Lord?" While He said "Wait" every time, we felt that it was the right thing to do to continue looking. One opportunity that we were excited about never went anywhere, but because Ryan applied where he did, his information was sent off (with his permission) to other similar organizations. Many wrote back asking for applications and more information, but only one stood out.

There was an opportunity to work with an organization in Memphis, Memphis Teacher Residency. Ryan applied, was called for a phone interview a few days later, and immediately afterwards, invited to come to Memphis for a weekend introduction to the program and face to face interview. This past weekend he went.

He saw God working in Memphis. He saw Change happening there, and he saw God's people standing up and serving as we have been called. In their own words, MTR is working to "positively impact student achievement in Memphis' urban schools by recruiting, training, and supporting outstanding teachers, all within a Christian context." There is a huge need in the urban schools of Memphis, and MTR is stepping up to help meet that need.

Ryan was so impressed with what he learned about their program, and was blessed by the example the residents and staff gave. Their mission and calling resonated with both of us, and we were eager to see what would come of this trip! His interview went very well, and for the past two days since his return, we have waited excitedly to see if the Lord would invite us to join His work in Memphis. We knew that for the first time, there was prayer happening on the other side as well, and we knew that their decision would be from God.

This morning, they called to let us know that Ryan had been accepted into their residency program!

The Lord has shown us where He is working, and has shown us our Next Step! We could not be more excited.

We are moving to Memphis this June, for a 4 year adventure in Urban Education!


  1. Wow, awesome! Memphis, Tennessee? My family is moving to Knoxville in June, Lord willing. :) Sounds like God has a great plan for you down there! So grateful for His blessings!

  2. Praying for you guys as you continue to be the spectacular beauties He created you to be! Bravo for your courage and faith!

  3. Booo, leaving the area...booo. But thanking God for the opportunity to boo you.


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