Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving is here already. Even on Monday of this week my brain was still in denial over the nearness of the holiday season, but it has indeed arrived!

We are still at home in Maryland. Looking ahead to now, from the last few days of September, I imagined a far different day than the one we woke up to this morning. So much was uncertain and everything seemed to be in a state of great upheaval and change. I felt that thrill of excitement, but a pang of sadness, as I thought that I had unknowingly already spent my last holiday celebrations with my family a year ago. Not so! The Lord has given us this time together, and I am so thankful for it.

We are at Ryan's parents house this morning, purposely arriving a few hours ahead of the rest of the crew. It is mostly quiet, aside from the conversations between Leilani and her grandparents and the faint sound of a leaf-blower. The sun is shining brightly on all the mostly naked trees, all their lovely autumn foliage rests discarded at their feet in piles of brown, reds, golds and yellows. It is brisk outside, I love the freshness of this season. Mom is making mutton curry in the kitchen downstairs, the savory aroma drifts about in delicious wafts, making me feel far too hungry for this hour in the morning.

This full, happy day still lies ahead of us. The rest of the family arrives in a little over an hour, and the three of us will head to my family's house in the early evening for part two of the festivities. I want to savor it all this year, and not miss any of it, even (and especially) the loud chaos that surrounds all the little people everywhere they go. The smells, the sounds, every dear face... a happy potpourri of utter blessedness.

This year, more than ever before, I am thankful for the faithfulness of the Lord. Every year looking back, it seems that the whirlwind of life continues to outdo itself, ever growing, never loosing speed. But the Lord has ever led us on with His gentle hand. The path is slippery, but by His grace, we have not fallen. It may feel a bit dark along the way, but He has not let us loose sight of His light. He has been so kind and so very, very good.

I don't want to be merely observant and grateful. I want to be changed. I want to be utterly filled with an overwhelming tide of  deep thankfulness that permeates everything I do and am. This is my prayer this year. That the Lord would move our hearts, that we would see Him more clearly with every passing day, and that we would be changed.

That's all I have this morning.

Thank You Lord. You are so very Good.

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