Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bringing home the tree

Ryan is really getting into Christmas this year. He was quite excited about getting our first tree. I very much wanted to get a cute little one that could sit on top of our piano, not taking up much space. We had smallish trees every year till I was about 11. Small didn't take away from the Christmasy feel of things to me. We never really had gifts waiting under the tree either. There was  too many little siblings running about, and too many gifts to wrap. Even if they had been wrapped pre Christmas Eve, they would not have survived so many little people. Ryan, however, grew up with big trees. The bigger the better, and gifts were always prettily wrapped under the tree, helping to build excitement. So there was much debate this year. We have a teeny livingroom, and a huge couch and a piano already in it. It made sense to me to have a small tree. Go big or go home was his philosophy. I caved. And I am glad I did! After a lot of research and note taking for the best kind of tree to get and where to go... We ended up at Home Depot. Yep. Probably not the best place for a quality tree, but it was close to Target, which is where we got all of our ornaments and lights.

We managed to smoosh our huge feeling Balsam Fir into the corner of our livingroom. And somehow, it fit! Quite cozily in fact.

We didn't decorate that night, as it was super late, but before Leilani went to bed, I strung up some lights around the livingroom and dining room. I love me some twinkle lights. Please enjoy a very small picture of me loving some twinkle lights. Attractive, right?

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