Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh dear. It has been a month.

How on earth is it almost September? I have majorly slacked in recording our past few weeks. The summer is nearly over, and everyone is talking about fall. Halloween decorations and craft ideas are in stores everywhere and bathing suits are on clearance. Really? This makes no sense to me, but I guess fall really is on the way. Today summer seems to be sleeping in, and the breeze is cool again. 

What a month it has been! Leilani is officially a toddler.

Her little smile is looking fuller with her 6 teeth, her vocabulary is giving her greater freedom of verbal expression, (Currently her favorite word is "NOOOOO!" yelled at whatever seems to be exasperating at the moment) her little legs take her up and down hills, around turns, backwards and into the air with impressive balance and alacrity, and more and more, we are seeing our little baby become a person with ideas, personality and character.

I feel like I am forever playing catch up, with sleep, cleaning, cooking, devotions, relationships, but I am so thankful for this new phase that I find myself in. Life really is grand. There are so many things that still challenge my attitude and patience, but I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing me to a new state of mind. Motherhood is no longer something I am "dealing with" and trying to overcome. It is my job! It is who I am. It is my joy and privilege. The overwhelming anxiety and exhaustion of the first year as Momlady feels more like a memory than a current reality. Watching Leilani grow and learn is really incredible. No two days are the same, she is in constant motion and change.

We said goodbye to nursing two weeks ago. I think I have been mentally preparing for that step for a while, but it was still bittersweet to realize that the last ties to real babyhood are almost all gone! Infancy seems like so long ago...

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