Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Springs' Ah Commin. Sorta.

She is the goshamolly cutest thang out there.

And she has amazing hair.
Have I mentioned how cute this little lady is?

I mean seriously. I could eat her right now.
Spring is sure taking its time to come round these parts.
But that doesn't keep Uncle from climbin around.

Yep. Shorts one day, then back to hats and... race car driver jumpsuits?

Woah. Unlevel terrain standing. Skills.

Visiting the Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C.

Very chilly. And Very sunny. Mommy ruined this picture with her inability to not squint.

Missing naptime, but still perky! Amazing.

Back to warm.

She sure loves her aunts.

"The Captain of the Little Orange Plane"

Mommas got bangs.

Aunt Abi in mommy's shades.

Its one of the prettiest days so far this year. Everyone was happy. Cept one, cause she had to take a picture.

And then Daddy got back from work. Perfect afternoon!


  1. Hi Ruth,
    I liked your comment on Suburban Turmoil. Yes, Steve does sound like a rebel... I think I like him too!

    Your photos are nice, and I like your bangs.


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