Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leilani at 13 months

Fish Lovin

Bean lovin


Explorer of every little thing.

Expert crawler.

Super Smiler.

Mama and Dada's favorite little lady!

Too busy checking everything out to take pictures!

Leilani, this month has been such an exciting one for you, full of discoveries and growth.

You are signing "milk" and "more" and have added happy, kitty, belly, no and bean to your vocabulary.

You are SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT regularly at long last, and although naptimes cause some tears, you know how to fall asleep on your own in just a few minutes. Amazing!

You learned how to eat with a fork just two days ago. I looked over at you during dinner and you had found a big fork on the table and were stabbing at and eating strawberries all by yourself! 

Although you much prefer to speed-crawl everywhere you go, you are gaining confidence in your balance. I often find you standing without a wobble as you inspect something in your hand. Dada practices with you frequently, and you usually are clapping for yourself with him as you proudly stand! 

Possibly your biggest achievement this month occurred last Thursday. You took your very first independent step! And then after dinner, YOU WALKED.

We were so very proud of you. You went from being our little baby, to a toddler all in one moment! You still prefer to crawl, but I think with just a little more practice, you will soon be walking everywhere. I sat on the floor and cried as I watched you turn in a full circle and take a step back to Dada. While it is thrilling, it is still hard to watch my little baby girl grow up so fast. I treasure each day with you, sweetheart. I am so blessed to be your Mama.

I love you Leilani!

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