Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Change?

So I believe the time has come for an upgrade. After years on the now Myspacy Xanga, I think my heart is ready to leave all the posts and comments of the past behind and start afresh on a gloriously ad free page. I am afraid that I will never do this if I require myself to go through an introductory phase; I must launch right into it and blog away as if this is was the place I always expelled my urge to write.

Sadly, I feel like I am leaving something behind by abandoning my former place of rambling. No comments are left to me anymore, and all of my fellow Xangians have abandoned me for exclusive use of Facebook and/or Myspace. Yet, that empty space feels a little more like home than this empty space. I think to help myself "move in" I will post a few of my previous thoughts, just so that I won't feel lonely and without history here...

And so it begins.

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