Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Brief History of The Past Few Months

Friday, 12 June 2009

"I'm gooooing to the chapel and I'm, gooona get maaaaried!"

I am sitting in my living room with piles of bags, suitcases and boxes, waiting for my fiance to come pick me up. Today we leave for Hollywood, and the day after tomorrow, WE GET MARRIED! I am such a whirl of adrenaline, excitement, hunger, littlebitahstress and WHAAAHOOO that it is giving me a headache. I will be Mrs. Ryan Abel in two days. I absolutely can not wait to be married to him. He is such a dream come true. God is continuing to make little things (and big things) fall together and bless and bless and bless. I am in awe of His faithfulness and love for me. Monday morning, we will be leaving our hotel to fly to Hawaii for THREE WEEKs. I shall return early July!

Ruth Spinolo for only
1 Day 6 Hours 30 Minutes

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Life in July of Two Thousand Nine

I highly recommend married life. There is something quite extraordinary about it that quite surpasses the ordinary everyday and turns life into something far more... satisfying. Yes, I acknowledge that I have been hitched for a mere month and a week, but I am quite enjoying my state of wedded bliss. I am determined to do more than whatever it takes to ensure that this is maintained beyond the "inexperienced, newlywed phase."

June 14th, 2009

Was a day I can not describe, not becuase It went by in a blur, quite the contrary. God answered my prayer and allowed me to fully experience the day He gave me day moment by moment. Tyring to put a day so full of beauty and and love and happines into words would be futile, so I simply will not attempt it!

Hawaii was in a word: Euphoric.

I have never experienced such a prolonged period of relaxing, peaceful freedom. We slept in, we ate out, we laughed ceaselessly, we cruised over roads a literal 2 inches wider than our convertible up blind harpin, cliffside turns , we climbed active volcanoes, we sat by waterfalls, snorkeled in one of the top reefs in the world, sauntered through cozy touristy towns late at night, listened to waves crashing on the beach, mistook sea turtles for sandy rocks, drove arround the entire coast of Maui, swam at Waikiki, and flew over Napalii coast in Kauaii in a mini plane. Three weeks of Honeymooning. It was enough to adjust to and bond with island life, and leaving was like ripping off a bandaid. Back to Reality.

But surprisingly, "real" life has been far more enjoyable then I expected. My job has become simply exhausting, no longer a dreaded stress, my condo has become Home, my life has changed to Our life: Blessed Beyond Description. I am currently trying to find the rythm of the everyday hidden underneath all of this newness, but it remains illusive. Everywhere I turn, I am given yet another blessing that continues to prolong the sense of "too good to be true." What a Father I have.

I love my husband. I love my home. Life is beyond good!
Ruth Abel

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