Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Communication. Blows. My. Mind.

On Monday, Leilani was sitting on the bed behind me while I cleaned. And then she fell off, hitting her head and scaring herself rather badly. I held, rocked, kissed and comforted her as she wailed. When she calmed down, she leaned back in my arms and said "Dih yoo!" completely out of the blue. She said Thank You! Mindwasblown. All this week she has thanked me for everything. She complained and kicked while I changed her diaper, but after she was clean, she rolled over and as she crawled away "Dah yoo!" I piled her lunch on her tray and as she ate, she said "Dayoo!"  *tear*  It is really amazing and strange to be thanked by your one year old.

She also says thank you for me. She will hand me particles she collects off the floor with a thank you, she spins around with a "no no" item in her hand and hands it to me with a guilty "Dih yoo" and she will give me her toy to hold with a thank you as well.

She is learning to communicate so quickly, and frequently will surprise us with a new word that we never worked with her on. "Kihee" "Bahbee" "doh ee" and "Burhee!" were all exclaimed out of the blue, with a point at the object she was excitedly identifying.  By using a few signs she knows or by answering my questions with a smile or a point, we can figure out what she wants. There is a lot of fussing and crying still, but she is learning to use her words. I am so proud of her.

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