Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Little Lady has been kinda fussy the past few days. And a little bit picky about food. And really tired. Hello cold season...

Last night my decision to savor every moment was put to the test. She was beyond ready for bed at 8... so down early she went. By 11 she was up every few hours sniffling and coughing waking up exhausted and wailing till I came for her. She snoozed on my chest for a bout 45 minutes at midnight while I stared at the ceiling. Unable to fall asleep, I bucked up and reminded myself that even these moments were blessings. I decided to savor the time with the weight of my sleeping, fleecy pajamaed little girl snuggled on top of me. Those little baby moments are fading fast. I thanked the Lord and prayed for her and just listened to my two favorite people breathe.

...Then I tried to shift and up she was crying and sneezing. The next 2 hours were spent up and down from the couch and walking around the dark house. She didn't cry, just snuggled tight and stared at all the lights from the oven clock, windows and microwave. I actually enjoyed my night.

She never snuggles as she is always too busy looking around... So it was a rare moment. It was pretty darling. By 2:30 she was ready to go to sleep... Up a few more times, but slept for a few hours.

Today, I am pretty wiped out, but I am still glad for the night I had. By making the decision to enjoy the moments and be thankful, an otherwise frustrating night became a sweet one that I will remember for a long time.

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