Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Freefalling" Doodled 01/something/2010

Things are spinning in a million directions at a hundred miles an hour and there you are at the end of the rope, holding on for dear life, unable to see the bottom. You are freaking out, your fingers are sweaty and you are starting to slip, moments from plummeting towards the terrifying unknown. Without all of your ducks in a neat tidy little row, a big clear map as well as a mapquest printout and a GPS of the Grand Plan for today, tomorrow and next year, you know that if you let go, life is out of your control and you have no idea where you are headed. Sometimes it is absolutely terrifying to be out of control of life. Wouldn't it be great to just let go and have that be ok?

Right now life feels crazy. So many awesome, exciting, huge things are up in the air and spinning around with no clear plan in sight. A new perspective hit me a few weeks ago that has come as an encouragement. The image that was impressed upon my unwilling-to-not-have-control mind, was that of a little toddler laughing and kicking his heels as he was tossed into the air. Falling towards the ground wasn't a scary thing because there at the bottom are Daddy's big strong arms. Giddy, exhilarated and content to fall. With no fear, he can fly through the air and be utterly out of control and utterly safe because he is falling to Daddy.

Life with Jesus is just like that.

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